Sinhasana / Lion pose

Sinhasana means Lion pose. In this position we roar like a lion. This position is helpful in regularizing tonsils, thyroid and other throat problems. This position even detoxifies your body

Yoga poses for Hypothyroid

Thyroid gland is a tiny gland located in the neck which regulates body’s metabolism. The gland is responsible for the production or secretion of  thyroxine (T4). Hypothyroidism is a condition

Sarvangasana / Shoulder stand pose

Sarvangasana literally means a pose that exercises full body parts. The pose has significant benefits. It is Yoga’s inverted pose which extremely beneficial for entire body. The pose helps in

Dhanurasana / Bow pose

Dhanurasana is a very nice back strengthening exercise. This exercise concentrates on flexibility of your spinal cord. It is part of Hatha yoga poses which mainly focuses on weight reduction

Shitkari Pranayam / Shitkari breathing

This pranayam has very similar benefits like Shitali Pranayam. This is also a very cool pranayam gives your body internal coolness. Method : 1.    Sit comfortable in Padmasana (Crossed legs